Our M&A Advisory Approach

Tech M&A Specialists

Our Approach

We often begin talking with companies well in advance of any M&A event. This allows us to get to know the organization and its shareholders and to offer our input or be a sounding board when critical decisions arise. We help shareholders to understand how to best increase their value and what they should avoid.

We begin each process by understanding what the shareholders want to achieve. Each engagement brings its own unique set of variables and considerations so it’s imperative to spend a sufficient amount of time here before moving ahead.

Clear milestones are established at the beginning of each engagement that outline each phase of the project in detail. Weekly meetings ensure clients remain up-to-date on progress.
Working with our team, shareholders can be confident that we’ll be driving the process forward and providing them with coaching and guidance along the way.

All We Do is Tech M&A 

M&A for Software and IT companies is all we do. We have developed proprietary technology-driven processes that are efficient and effective. Our engagement style is collaborative, seamless, and transparent. Weekly update meetings with our team ensure clients are kept up-to-date on progress milestones.

Industry Knowledge. Knowing the key players across global tech markets in cloud, digital transformation, and business processes drives better results for our clients and can save hundreds of hours wasted on the wrong or poor-quality buyers.


Technology company valuations are based on a number of key metrics and intangible assets. We are skilled at uncovering the unique strategic value that our clients offer to different buyer profiles. We identify those buyers who see great value in the strategic opportunity our clients provide: they may be looking to modernize or fill a technology gap, gain access to new client markets, build out their bench, enter new geographical or vertical markets, increase existing market share, take out a competitor, or a combination of these and more.


We understand the confidential nature of an M&A transaction.  We’ve been through it ourselves and we’ve helped many clients to navigate the market quietly and carefully.  Our process provides you with protection from competitors, tire kickers, poor quality buyers, and companies that simply aren’t a great fit for your objectives.

We are Transparent

We may not always tell you what you want to hear. We won’t make promises on valuation that are unrealistic (and yes, we’ve lost a few potential clients to other firms as a result, only to see their transactions fizzle when the market backs our initial estimation). If the valuation range isn’t in line with your goals, we’ll help to identify areas that need improvement or change, and then track your progress with you throughout the year, offering objective advice at key decision points along the way.


We’ll help you to get prepared for a sale and provide you with discreet coaching and feedback throughout the process. We coach you how to address questions, not just from each of the potential buyers we bring forward, but also those arising from staff, customers, and vendors. We make sure that you are prepared for each meeting, each discussion, each call. This process is made up of a series of first impressions so it is critical that you are able to confidently clear each new hurdle.

Team Approach

We take a team approach to each engagement.  This ensures that we’re able to keep moving through the milestone goals and timelines without any undue delays. Each client gets our full attention.

Creative Negotiators

The importance of negotiating skills in the M&A process cannot be underestimated.  A history of successfully negotiating many previous M&A transactions is key.  Our creative solutions to thorny demands or provisions has brought many transactions back from the brink.  Our clients know that we succeed only when they succeed.  As a result, they know their interests are always first. This is a life-changing moment for many owners and shareholders – we understand that and work tirelessly to ensure we get the best value and terms for each and every client we represent.

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