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Sell-Side Advisory Services for Your Technology Company

Are you wondering whether the time is right to explore a sale?   

You may be looking at your strategic options to accelerate the growth of your company. Maybe you would like to achieve a liquidity event and take some chips off the table but aren't ready to fully exit yet. You may have recognized there is a wave of M&A currently in your market and wondering if you are in an optimal position to take advantage of the increased activity. Perhaps you are thinking about retiring. Or maybe you've been approached by one or several buyers and want help negotiating and managing the conversations.

Our advisors have helped hundreds of software and technology companies to work through these decisions. The majority of the work we do is providing sell-side advisory services to clients.

Many of our conversations with prospective clients begin with coaching on how to best prepare their company for a sale in order to achieve maximum value. We often start working with companies many months or years in advance of any M&A event.

Our advisors look at a wide range of internal and external variables surrounding your software, technology, or IT services business and help you to position the company for an exit that meets your goals. Some of these factors include a review of current market conditions, and personal goals and objectives, as well as a review of valuation expectations, deal structure, and your management and employee concerns.

A key factor in driving the best offer is creating a competitive environment where multiple interested and qualified buyers are participating. Without more than one potential buyer there is no leverage and little to compel a lone buyer to increase their initial offer as much as they might with other buyers at the table. Without competing offers, you have no comparison and no way to know if the offer you receive is the best offer you could get. Or if this is even the best buyer.

Our team will guide you through every aspect of the selling process and provide coaching through each step. We combine our network of contacts, a global database, and market knowledge, with strategic marketing tactics to achieve sufficient market coverage to drive numerous offers. As creative and experienced negotiators, we help to maximize outcomes and are also able to function effectively as a buffer between buyers and sellers when negotiations get strained.

Working with Our Skilled Team Drives Better Outcomes

  • Attract Multiple Qualified Strategic Buyers
  • Strong Negotiating Skills
  • Innovative Deal Structuring
  • Creative Problem Solving

Our Objectives in Each Transaction

  • Uncover the strategic value your company offers. This is important for technology companies because their value lies in their IP, their people, their client base, and their market share.
  • Identify the strategic buyers who will offer the best price and terms.
  • Structure the process to provide flexibility so that a number of offers from a variety of parties can be brought in and evaluated in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Organize the process so the shareholders and executive team can focus their primary efforts on managing and growing the business without being unduly concerned about the divestiture process.
  • Maintain confidentiality to the greatest extent possible.

Client Testimonials.

Tequity Proved to be Professional, Experienced and Extremely Knowledgeable

PureFacts wanted to augment its leading wealth management platform by adding a premier Salesforce partner. In all interactions Tequity proved to be professional, experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the Salesforce ecosystem. The Tequity team was not only pleasurable and easy to work with, they also brought an exceptional knowledge of business operations and a CEO perspective to the process. We would not hesitate to work with Tequity again, nor to recommend them as leading experts on transactions within the Salesforce community.

Robert Madej, CEO, PureFacts Financial Solutions

Client Testimonials.

Their Counsel, Creativity, and Compassion Set Them a Cut Above.

We weren’t just looking for any buyer, but rather one that exhibited a series of unique attributes we felt were necessary to ensure our company would thrive under new ownership. Candidly, we weren’t sure if such a buyer even existed. Alex and the team at Tequity listened first, but then executed flawlessly to find us the perfect buyer. Their network and experience were crucial to the success of this project, but it was their counsel, creativity, and compassion that set them a cut above.d

Mike McCann, President, VennScience

Client Testimonials.

Tequity Knew My Market and Found the Right Strategic Buyer

Having Tequity as my advisors made a significant difference. They were great to work with throughout the process and really understood my objectives and what was important to me in a transaction. I am excited about the acquisition by Pluribus Technologies as I believe that the company has the marketing and sales expertise required to grow TeleMED by increasing our market share in Canada and also reaching new markets outside of Canada which is exactly what I was aiming to achieve.

Asa Lebel, CEO of TeleMED

Client Testimonials.

Tequity More Than Paid for Themselves

Like every other technology company, we were getting inundated regularly with calls from a variety of investors and potential buyers, so when we were getting serious about exploring an exit, we asked ourselves “do we really need to hire and pay for an advisory firm to help us”? After a long internal discussion, our shareholders decided it was worth the “insurance” to use an experienced M&A firm to help us through the process – after all, you only get to sell your company once.

Glenn James, Co-Founder & Principal, DEV6

Client Testimonials.

Finding the Right Partner was Critical

Thanks to the Tequity team for helping us transition TGO to the next chapter. Having been in business for 30 years, it was a big decision to make a change and finding the right partner to help us with this was critical. We had briefly worked with another partner without success and are very happy that we chose Tequity to bring it all home. Your experience in our industry and with companies similar to ours was invaluable in setting expectations for me and my partners and helped to make this process as painless as possible.

Tracey Crane-Whitehouse, COO, TGO Consulting

Client Testimonials.

Professional, Patient, and Helpful Every Step of the Way

We contracted Tequity to sell Roaring Penguin Software. We had very specific criteria for the type of buyer and deal that we would accept, and the Tequity staff performed diligent and exhaustive work to find us a good deal. They were professional, patient and helpful every step of the way, and persevered through a process made fairly long by our particularness. Kevin and Anish are a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend Tequity to any business owner thinking of selling.

Dianne Skoll, Founder, Roaring Penguin Software Inc.

Recent Transactions.

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