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Sell-Side Advisory Services for Your Technology Company

Are you wondering whether the time is right to explore a sale?   

You may be looking at your strategic options to accelerate the growth of your company. Maybe you would like to achieve a liquidity event and take some chips off the table but aren't ready to fully exit yet. You may have recognized there is a wave of M&A currently in your market and wondering if you are in an optimal position to take advantage of the increased activity. Perhaps you are thinking about retiring. Or maybe you've been approached by one or several buyers and want help negotiating and managing the conversations.

Our advisors have helped hundreds of software and technology companies to work through these decisions. The majority of the work we do is providing sell-side advisory services to clients.

Many of our conversations with prospective clients begin with coaching on how to best prepare their company for a sale in order to achieve maximum value. We often start working with companies many months or years in advance of any M&A event.

Our advisors look at a wide range of internal and external variables surrounding your software, technology, or IT services business and help you to position the company for an exit that meets your goals. Some of these factors include a review of current market conditions, and personal goals and objectives, as well as a review of valuation expectations, deal structure, and your management and employee concerns.

A key factor in driving the best offer is creating a competitive environment where multiple interested and qualified buyers are participating. Without more than one potential buyer there is no leverage and little to compel a lone buyer to increase their initial offer as much as they might with other buyers at the table. Without competing offers, you have no comparison and no way to know if the offer you receive is the best offer you could get. Or if this is even the best buyer.

Our team will guide you through every aspect of the selling process and provide coaching through each step. We combine our network of contacts, a global database, and market knowledge, with strategic marketing tactics to achieve sufficient market coverage to drive numerous offers. As creative and experienced negotiators, we help to maximize outcomes and are also able to function effectively as a buffer between buyers and sellers when negotiations get strained.

Working with Our Skilled Team Drives Better Outcomes

  • Attract Multiple Qualified Strategic Buyers
  • Strong Negotiating Skills
  • Innovative Deal Structuring
  • Creative Problem Solving

Our Objectives in Each Transaction

  • Uncover the strategic value your company offers. This is important for technology companies because their value lies in their IP, their people, their client base, and their market share.
  • Identify the strategic buyers who will offer the best price and terms.
  • Structure the process to provide flexibility so that a number of offers from a variety of parties can be brought in and evaluated in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Organize the process so the shareholders and executive team can focus their primary efforts on managing and growing the business without being unduly concerned about the divestiture process.
  • Maintain confidentiality to the greatest extent possible.

Client Testimonials.

"Working with Tequity was a great experience - they know the Supply Chain ERP market and who the potential buyers are here and are experienced in cross-border transactions. We always felt they had our best interests first and foremost, and they continued to work with us until finding the buyer and deal that we were happy with. Their transparent and professional approach helped to keep things moving forward until the day we closed. I truly appreciate Wilf’s integrity and professionalism throughout the process.  I'd recommend Wilf, Diane, and the team at Tequity to any founder considering an M&A process” said Mark Canes, President & CEO of Blue Link.

Mark Canes, President & CEO of Blue Link

Client Testimonials.

“Once the decision to sell Matrix had been made, after a deal of research I decided that Tequity was the best for the job. If you have ever sold a business, you will know it can be extremely stressful, but Paul Bennett and the Tequity team stepped up to the plate and shouldered a considerable amount of the burden. Their deep understanding of Matrix and our market led to them finding top notch prospective buyers. Paul and the Tequity team are the ultimate professionals, and I will forever be in their debt.”

Jim Wilson, Founder, Matrix Industrial Control Systems

Client Testimonials.

I deeply trust Tequity and hope to work with them next time around!

"Simply put, our deal would not have closed without Tequity. Not only did Tequity bring the opportunity to us, their keen sense of the SaaS and Salesforce market, together with their upfront dedication to understanding who we were as a business, led them to efficiently and effectively negotiate on our behalf for the best possible outcome. Our business is now perfectly poised for growth without sacrificing our culture and values. Our team is engaged and excited about the transaction, and Tequity guided us through each stage of the process to ensure that was the case. Alex was a pleasure to work with as we got the ball rolling, and Anish was the steady driving force that helped us find a path through to close, providing invaluable expertise, advice, and the occasional pep talk when things were tough. I deeply trust Tequity and hope to work with them next time around"

Heather Cooper, CEO at Cloud Coach

Client Testimonials.

Tequity was the most competent and connected advisor we had met and worked with!

“Tequity was the most competent and connected advisor we had met and worked with. We appreciated their professionalism as a sounding board through the expedited process we ran together and would not hesitate to recommend them to others of similar scale as Beniva.”  

Leonard Wiens, Founding Partner of Beniva Consulting Group

Client Testimonials.

Tequity is one of the best!

“Tequity is one of the best, if not the best, sell side advisors in Canada focused on lower middle market and middle market global software and technology companies.”

Partner, preeminent Canadian law firm in M&A

Client Testimonials.

We hired Tequity based on their deep experience and connections in the Salesforce ecosystem!

"We hired Tequity based on their deep experience and connections in the Salesforce ecosystem. They definitely fulfilled that promise as they brought us a large number of potential acquirers that we would have never found ourselves. Most importantly, they helped us close with an amazing acquiring partner, Vass. We couldn't be more excited to continue growing Copilot under the Vass brand."

Tom Lesnick and David Tebbi, CoOwners of Copilot

Client Testimonials.

After extensive due diligence to identify the proper investment banker, we concluded Tequity was the best team for our needs.

After extensive due diligence to identify the proper investment banker, we concluded Tequity was the best team for our needs. We selected Wilf and Diane for their M&A knowledge, deep investor rolodex, technology niche market expertise, seller sole representation, and solid testimonials.

During our transaction and its tense moments, Wilf was calm, poised and well-prepared. He provided valuable input, shared prior transaction experience notes, and access to their solid legal and financial advisors network.

We set very granular requirements for any acquirer / partnership to be considered to include expansive service offering for clients, better career options for our employees / family members, a great place to work, and fair market evaluation. Tequity team delivered on every front, it is true you are as good as your team.

A job well done!

Bashar Asmar, Founder & CEO, Robust Network Solutions

Client Testimonials.

Thank you Tequity for your guidance and partnership the last several years, we really appreciate it!

We have had the pleasure of working with Tequity for the last several years. During our initial encounter, they had the foresight to recommend bringing our teams together which resulted in our merger in 2020. As a result of our immediate success as a combined organization, Alex and Anish quickly indicated a strong interest in the market for our firm. We decided to field offers and to our great surprise there were several, very compelling alternatives. We ultimately decided to accept the Apps Associates offer as we felt their values and culture most closely aligned with ours, while providing employees and customers with tremendous opportunities. Throughout the process Alex and Anish were fantastic – professional, transparent, and very knowledgeable on the Salesforce M&A market. Thank you Tequity for your guidance and partnership the last several years, we really appreciate it.

Jeff Oskin, CEO and Steve Baines, President and Chief Growth Officer, Forcivity

Client Testimonials.

Tequity knows the MSP market in North America really well.

When the going got tough, we could always count on Wilf to pave a way through the issue by finding a path that would work for all parties. Tequity knows the MSP market in North America really well. Their team ran an efficient process and were able to achieve what we were looking for."

Charles Bennett, founder of Triella

Client Testimonials.

The team at Tequity are definitely experts in helping companies to achieve their objectives in an M&A transaction!

The team at Tequity are definitely experts in helping companies to achieve their objectives in an M&A transaction. Their extensive knowledge of and experience in the tech space is what attracted us to their organization (we had known about Tequity since 2012). Tequity's breadth of contacts (for both buyers and legal/accounting advisors) really got our sale moving and thanks to assistance by Diane and Anish, we were able to close a great deal. We would recommend Tequity to any company looking to sell.

Dan Edwards, Co-Founder and CEO of Aligntrac

Client Testimonials.

The Tequity team are Salesforce experts!

The Tequity team are Salesforce experts and know our industry, and there was no doubt in our minds about working with them to represent Aarin Inc. We always felt Anish and Diane put our best interests first, and the support that Anish provided to us throughout the process was invaluable. They are a great group of partners to work with and know the acquisition process well. Tequity’s market knowledge helped us to avoid the potential pitfalls that other firms wouldn’t be aware of and kept the negotiations professional and on track to achieve a great outcome. I am excited to continue our growth at OSF and we would highly recommend Tequity!

Rahul Jolly, CEO & Founder, Aarin Inc.

Client Testimonials.

Tequity has been a fantastic partner! Very, very well done!

Tequity has been a fantastic partner in helping us bring our transaction to completion. Their SaaS market knowledge, reach, and well-managed process are outstanding and truly exceeded our expectations. Anish, who advised us through the process from pre-sale preparation through to completion, was fantastic at balancing our needs as sellers with the buyer's requirements to bring the deal to a close. Very, very well done.

Troy Marchand, CEO of Dundas

Client Testimonials.

Tequity Proved to be Professional, Experienced and Extremely Knowledgeable

PureFacts wanted to augment its leading wealth management platform by adding a premier Salesforce partner. In all interactions Tequity proved to be professional, experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the Salesforce ecosystem. The Tequity team was not only pleasurable and easy to work with, they also brought an exceptional knowledge of business operations and a CEO perspective to the process. We would not hesitate to work with Tequity again, nor to recommend them as leading experts on transactions within the Salesforce community.

Robert Madej, CEO, PureFacts Financial Solutions

Recent Transactions.

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