2022 Tech M&A - Trends in Cloud & Managed Services



February 28, 2022

Managed IT & Cloud Service Providers Continue to be Hotly Pursued in 2022

M&A transactions in the Managed Services (MSP) and Managed Security Services (MSSP) market exploded in 2021. As organizations shifted to remote, and more recently, hybrid work environments, there was an increased need to adopt more efficient and secure managed IT and cloud solutions. As the speed and scale to adopt a digital first work model became more widespread, the need for highly specialized resources in digital and cloud transformation and cyber security intensified.

As the ability to drive innovation and business value is becoming increasingly cloud-centric, and as cloud solutions become increasingly more complex, the need for skilled guidance and management is more important than ever. Combine this with the vast amount of cash in the markets, an appetite for acquisitions not yet diminished by potential global and economic impacts, and a market that remains very fragmented, and we are seeing continued high levels of interest in this market sector.

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