E-Commerce Software M&A Forecast 2023



February 16, 2023

Spending on Digital Commerce is Forecast to Rise 55% Over the Next 12 Months

Acquisitions of E-Commerce software companies have continued to increase exponentially YOY since 2018

- There were 3x the number of transactions here in 2022, and

- Over 4x the total spending on acquisitions in this sector since 2018

In 2022, acquirers spent more than 1.5x more than they did in 2021 on acquiring companies in the Digital Commerce sector, and a recent analysis of the projected spending on digital commerce technologies show this sector is forecast to achieve the biggest increase of any operational segment in the cloud by far as many buyers have moved more of their shopping online. As spending slows, it’s more important than ever for companies to nail the consumer experience.

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