Getting Help When You’ve Been Approached



May 5, 2020

If you have been approached with a surprise offer or interest for your software or technology company, don’t make the mistake of thinking that because this company has already approached you that you don’t need help. The challenge is only just beginning.

In most cases, when a company makes an unsolicited approach, two things tend to happen: 1. shareholders give up too much information too soon and 2. they lose focus on their company and results start to slip, which will impact valuation (claw backs are common when this happens). 

In most cases, this will not be your best offer or your most strategic buyer, so it is imperative for shareholders to understand that now is the time to decide if they wish to bring competitive offers in for consideration.  In most cases, having competing offers in play is the best way to achieve a truly great outcome. 

M&A Negotiation

In many cases, the company approaching you may have a highly skilled M&A team managing the process, while this may be your first (and perhaps only) exposure to the sale process.  Don’t try and manage this alone.  It is important to have someone working on your behalf.  Our advisors are skilled in the art of negotiation and finding creative ways to get a deal done. We will drive the best valuation and terms while also avoiding costly mistakes that diminish returns for shareholders.

The M&A negotiation process can be highly emotional for sellers.  As your representative, we can focus on the transaction without allowing feelings to distract us from the goal while also protecting your relationship with the buyer.

Because our success fees are based on your success, our goal is the same as yours:  drive the best valuation and terms from the transaction.

Competitive Offers

When desired, our advisors can prepare you quickly for presentation to a selected list of buyers drawn from our industry connections and our database of global companies.

We understand the sensitive timing involved in this process and are skilled at keeping the existing offer open while confidentially driving new interest from additional buyers.

Soliciting multiple offers from qualified buyers creates the leverage that is needed to help increase the valuation and quality of the offers and provides the shareholders with the comfort of knowing they explored all possible options before making a decision and how they are viewed and valued by different companies.

If you’ve been approached and the initial conversations seem to warrant further exploration, let’s discuss how we can help.  Schedule a Call

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