Positioning Your Company to be M&A Ready at Any Time



January 22, 2024

At a recent conference, technology company founders who had been through an acquisition, when asked what they would tell other founders, said they wished they had formed relationships with advisors earlier, were better-prepared, and were more educated on what to expect in an M&A process. A common sentiment we heard was

"Founders should operate their company as if they were selling tomorrow."

Even though you may not be thinking about selling your company right now or even in the next few years, preparing early can make a huge difference in your eventual outcome.

It's never too early to start talking to advisory firms. They can help you better position the company and provide information on what buyers look for and how you can increase equity value. They can recommend options at critical junctures in your firm's trajectory that you may not have considered and can act as a valuable sounding board.

We've put together a preparation guide that provides some detailed high-level information on what founders should be doing to help better position their company for an M&A transaction - no matter whether your objective is growth / additional resources, de-risking / liquidity, or succession.

Download our guide on how to prepare to be M&A ready HERE

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