Our Team

Gord Townley

HBA, Strategic Executive Advisor

Gord Townley joins Tequity as a Strategic Advisor with a focus on SAP, ERP, and related SaaS ecosystems. Over 38 years in business, Gord has enjoyed a very successful career with direct experience in banking, oil and gas, high tech, and services industries. With over 31 years in the Canadian SAP market, Gord brings a depth of knowledge and breadth of network that few in the industry possess. Gord was a Partner at IBM Global Business Services and was responsible for the largest SAP team in Canada, with over 500 professionals supporting the Canadian market. Gord spent the early part of his career at SAP as Director of Sales as the company catapulted to “gorilla status” in the 1990s. Always active in the community, Gord is the founder of the 7 Days in May Foundation which is focused on finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. Gord is a graduate of the Ivey School of Business.

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