I deeply trust Tequity and hope to work with them next time around

"Simply put, our deal would not have closed without Tequity. Not only did Tequity bring the opportunity to us, their keen sense of the SaaS and Salesforce market, together with their upfront dedication to understanding who we were as a business, led them to efficiently and effectively negotiate on our behalf for the best possible outcome. Our business is now perfectly poised for growth without sacrificing our culture and values. Our team is engaged and excited about the transaction, and Tequity guided us through each stage of the process to ensure that was the case. Alex was a pleasure to work with as we got the ball rolling, and Anish was the steady driving force that helped us find a path through to close, providing invaluable expertise, advice, and the occasional pep talk when things were tough. I deeply trust Tequity and hope to work with them next time around" said Heather Cooper, CEO at Cloud Coach

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