I Would Never Have Dreamed of the Complexities that Were Involved

I can’t thank you enough for your invaluable assistance through the whole process of selling STS. I would have never dreamed of the complexities that were involved. You were there every step of the way to coach and direct me through the whole maze of locating leads, qualifying them into prospects, negotiating a sales offer, and then finalizing the agreement.

Your experience and position in the market place resulted in the completion of this acquisition in months instead of years. From the very start you were there moving the whole process alone, pushing me when I needed pushing, encouraging me when I was overwhelmed, firmly putting me in my place when I got out of line, and letting me blow off steam when the pot was boiling over. You took this completely green newbie to the M&A world and guided me through as Virgil did Dante, and I now am with Beatrice in Paradise. I highly recommend your services.

Please feel free to give my name and number out to anyone. I’m retired now and have a little time to talk on the phone. I’ll miss my morning update sessions . . . at least for the first few weeks.  Thanks once again.

Dr. Blaize A. Stewart, Former Owner, STS

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