I Wouldn’t Hesitate to Use Tequity Again

Mark Halwa, Managing Partner at NanoFibre Networks Inc.

Tequity approached us when the shareholders were contemplating selling our company.  We didn’t think we wanted assistance from an M&A firm, however they persistently and professionally kept making contact and we realized that for many reasons it made sense to have professional representation from a firm that knew our industry.

Once we decided to engage Tequity, their team helped us assemble the presentation and due diligence materials quickly and conducted a  strong marketing program.  Their entire process was managed and run “virtually”, using their cloud based systems.  Communication between us was always abundant.  The previously demonstrated persistence surfaced again when Tequity contacted all the possible bidders in a short period of time and the company was sold in less than six months.

It was professionally handled – and as stressful as divestitures can be for an entrepreneur, the Tequity team managed a productive and enjoyable process.  Selling your company while keeping it running is a lot of work, and getting outside help proved to be very helpful.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Tequity again, or recommend them to my colleagues.

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