Selling CPAS Was a Critical Juncture in My Life

I am pleased to recommend Wilf and the team at Tequity to the shareholders of any software or IT-services company seeking the strategic sale of their firm.  Having had the opportunity to work with Tequity for several years, we have a number of observations and comments that may benefit others considering a similar path.

  1. We came first.  We always felt they were looking out for us, not themselves.  They consistently took the long-term approach of helping us find the right strategic buyer and we were never pressured or hurried because they were trying to get the process over with.
  2. They give wise counsel, and not just with “deal related” advice.  Their broad experience at working within software companies gave us ideas that helped us monitor and improve our business operations beyond what was necessary to sell the company. They were always a calming voice of reason.  With numerous internal and outside shareholders, advisors, and prospective buyers there were occasions when for various reasons emotions flared up.  They listened to everyone’s issues and concerns, then constructed common-sense easy-to-follow plans that reassured our group and brought consensus.
  3. They are fearless but not reckless.  They aggressively worked on our behalf to craft the best outcome, without damaging relationships with potential buyers.
  4. They are creative.  We had situations where “we didn’t know how to get there from here”.  Tequity always brought numerous alternatives for creative solutions forward for our consideration
  5. They were a pleasure to work with. The longer we worked together, the more we appreciated their upbeat optimism, the sense of humor they brought to our meetings, and the consistent predictability of their professionalism.
  6. They work as a team.  Each of the team played an important role in research, marketing, project management and financial analytics.
  7. They work hard.  I don’t know how many hours Tequity put into our project but it was hundreds more than we ever thought would be required. We would have been foolish to consider selling the company ourselves.  Focusing on running and growing the business and outsourcing the sale process to Tequity was a smart decision by our Board.

After many years of operating the company, selling CPAS was a critical juncture in my life, and one of transition for our employees and clients.  We’re very pleased that we partnered with Tequity to help guide us through the process.

David Rive, Founder & CEO of CPAS Systems Inc., a Xerox Company

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