Selling Your Company Requires an Experienced Team

Selling a company takes more hard work that I could have imagined. There are many points during the process when having an experienced team that you like and trust to help you through the ups and downs and keep you focused on achieving your objectives is extremely important.

The strategic advice and guidance I received from the team at Tequity – from the time I initially considered selling my company until the day the transaction closed – was invaluable. They helped me to get the company ready and outlined potential options and approaches to consider. During the process, they worked diligently to attract numerous buyers and field many offers for me to consider. Ultimately, they found the most synergistic partner in Apogee IT Services and helped to structure a mutually beneficial transaction for both organizations.

The old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” is especially true in a tech company M&A transaction. You only get to sell your company once so avoiding costly mistakes is critical. Tequity’s experience helped me to achieve a great outcome. If you are considering your options, I highly recommend speaking with them.

Sheldon Waters, Founder of DSM Computing Solutions Inc.

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