Tequity Specialized in Enterprise Technology Firms

Tequity was originally recommended to us by a large M&A firm that did not deal with companies like ours.  I found that Tequity specifically specialized in small to mid-sized technology firms so I requested a meeting with Kevin Tribe.  From our initial meeting as well as subsequent conversations, I felt a trust level with Kevin and really liked the process that Tequity uses from A to Z.  They are smart about how they leverage technology.

Upon signing Tequity’s agreement, Wilf Rapp was assigned to the project to guide us through the collection of data and documents that would eventually be used by prospects to evaluate the opportunity.  I was very impressed by the depth of information that was compiled in addition to Wilf’s responsiveness and willingness to help in any way that he could. Wilf and Kevin were instrumental in preparing our team for the presentation phase to interested parties.

Once the documentation and presentation were completed, qualified companies were approached which resulted in almost twenty NDA’s. Tequity did a good job of screening potential buyers.  Presentations were arranged and within several weeks we had an offer which we accepted.  The sales process was much more complicated than I could have imagined and due diligence by the buyer was very thorough.  Throughout the entire process, Kevin guided us through the twists and turns with expert advice and patience.  We could not have executed this on our own. I always felt that Kevin had our best interest at heart and was always there when we needed him.

If I ever have to go through this process again, Tequity will be our agent of choice. They found a buyer we would otherwise have never known of, and closed our transaction with both a very strong valuation and an exceptionally clean deal structure.

I strongly recommend Tequity to any technology company interested in pursuing a sale of their business. I am grateful for the excellent outcome that Tequity facilitated.

Howard Brown, Former Owner, DOC-IT

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