Working with Tequity has truly been a great experience!

"Working with Tequity has truly been a great experience!” said Jesse Theiler, Founder and CEO of Emelar. “Tequity's professionalism and business acumen on topics such as the Salesforce ecosystem, technology, and growth is simply outstanding. Combined with their Salesforce ecosystem experience, choosing them to be our broker was a no-brainer. I first met Alex at Dreamforce in 2017 and, keeping in touch through the years, we would talk about business and the ecosystem for a few years. When it was time to grow through M&A it was an opportunity to work even closer. Alex was the first (and only) person I called. Great people; even greater partners!  Thank you, Alex and team, for your exceptional advice and partnership through the years."

“This was our second experience working with Tequity on the buy side. There are three things I really appreciate about working with the Tequity team. Firstly, they’re great matchmakers and have a real knack for putting the right buyer and seller together - on both occasions the cultural fit of the organizations has been excellent and from a buyer’s perspective, that’s critical. Secondly, they are very straight shooters and do a great job at keeping buyer and seller aligned on expectations, I always know that I’ll get really straight, honest, and most importantly, realistic feedback about how we’re approaching a potential deal as a buyer. Finally, I appreciate the way that Tequity supports their clients and deals: where high touch is needed, it’s provided; but where buyer and seller are moving through the process happily together, the touch is lower from the Tequity side. They’re there when needed but aren’t overbearing in their involvement,” said Andy Prince, Chief Innovation Officer, Diabsolut.

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