Your Knowledge of the Ecosystem is Second-to-None

Anish and Alex — thanks so much for all your help on this journey. Your support and expertise were very much appreciated. Your knowledge of the ecosystem is second-to-none and we are sure was a large part of our success. We’re glad we decided to partner with you.

We encountered a few challenges along the way, but your team never wavered in their support for us, providing invaluable coaching and information as we all worked through the process. You found us a buyer we weren’t even aware of who turned out to be terrific strategic match for our company, team, and customers. We are really pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to the new opportunities ahead within A5.

Anish you carried this over the last yard lines, so we have to give you the most kudos. You were super supportive and responsive and did a great job of managing and negotiating with the buyer. Really, really, good job.

We don’t know if you do the same thing for all your clients, but we’ll choose to believe that you went way beyond for us. You were fantastic throughout this.

Keith Fox and Mitch Mocle, Partners, Cloudware Connections

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