RJT was acquired by Velocity

After having known you in the industry for many years, it was an easy decision to have you your team help guide us through the process of selling the business. It certainly helped to have someone with me who not only knew our business and its nuances, but had been through the selling exercise previously.

We had discussions for two years or more leading up to the sale, and I can honestly say, you left it totally up to me to become comfortable with the timing of when “to get serious”. Many times during the process I decided not to sell the business, then sell the business, then not sell it. And every time you listened until I was done my rant, and then we proceeded with the task at hand, which was exactly the right thing to do!!  Hindsight is great, isn’t it?

When you have built a business over 32 years, as we had, the sale of “your baby”  becomes an emotional roller coaster, and you were there to hear me out.  As you know, we had some incredible things happen during the process, and we shared many laughs at the timing of certain things.

In the end, with your help and guidance, we were able to structure a deal that made sense for everybody — shareholders, employees, clients and the new buyer.  I would highly recommend you to assist anyone in the sale of their technology business, or for doing an acquisition.”

Richard J. Thompson, President, R J Thompson Data Systems Inc.

R.J. Thompson Data Systems Inc., the exclusive Canadian VAR of Lawson M3 products for the Fortune 5000 marketplace, has been acquired by Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc. Tequity advised R.J. Thompson.

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