Tequity Advised ECM Wise on Acquisition by Gimmal

Tequity Advisors acted as the exclusive financial advisor to ECM Wise Corp., an enterprise content management solutions provider, in their acquisition by Houston-based Gimmal LLC.

Patrick Wong and Guy Turton, co-founders of Calgary-based ECM Wise, stated the acquisition achieves “the union of the industry’s best-in-class products that will seamlessly work together to provide the most strategic solutions for clients.”

Gimmal is a leading provider of information governance software and solutions and the acquisition brings enhanced migration capabilities, now known as Gimmal Migration, to Gimmal’s existing solutions suite.

With the addition to Gimmal’s existing suite of software products, the company will offer a complete set of information governance solutions that provide the following benefits:

  • Complete lifecycle management from the creation of information to its disposition.
  • Simplified and expedited migrations from legacy systems, particularly in complex environments.
  • A team of experts trained in best practices and proven methodologies for effective and compliant information governance.
  • Streamlined processes that maximize productivity and increase cost savings.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of ECM Wise’s market-leading migration software to Gimmal’s portfolio,and welcome their team of industry experts to Gimmal,” states Gimmal CEO, Mark Johnson.“Gimmal Migration’s enhanced features will ensure our clients have all the right tools necessary to complete even the most complex migrations.”

About ECM Wise

ECM Wise is a customer-focused company that combines technical skills, experience, and methodologies to deliver migration software and other complex enterprise content management solutions. The ECM Wise team is dedicated to helping organizations improve client adoption of tools and processes, and delivery of simple and effective software solutions to meet client challenges. Learn more about ECM Wise at www.ecmwise.com

About Gimmal

Gimmal provides the solutions organizations need to find information, govern content, improve business processes, and ensure information is in compliance, no matter where it is stored. Gimmal software automates processes, helps achieve interoperability between SharePoint® and SAP®,centralizes policy for legacy systems, and improves productivity across organizations at the lowest possible cost. Learn more about Gimmal’s information governance offerings at www.gimmal.com

About Tequity

Tequity are domain experts in enterprise cloud software and IT ecosystems and are experienced business operators with growth expertise.  Our mission is to ensure our clients achieve optimized strategic outcomes in an M&A transaction. We work with mid-market tech companies across North America and around the globe.  If you are contemplating options, let’s talk.


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